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Minipleat filters

Discover the opportunities to upgrade your HVAC ventilation system with a minipleat filter. The applied aerodynamics ensures a lower pressure drop to ensure a stronger air flow. The minipleat filter offers possibilities for better ventilation. It also offers opportunities to upgrade your filter to a higher efficiency. For example, where you normally use a G3 + F7 pocket filter, you could upgrade to a G4 + F9 minipleat filter.

The minipleat filter has a 20x larger filter surface than a pocket filter. These air filters can therefore store more dust particles, so that you have to replace the filters less often. German glass fiber technology guarantees continuous strong filter performance and lasts much longer.

We supply top quality minipleat filters from Germany for optimal filter performances every day. Discover the key benefits to order minipleat filters from Ecolucht:
  • » air quality measurements / rent a particle counter
  • » mini-pleat filters for many applications
  • » excellent aerodynamics for good airflow
  • » 20x bigger dust holding capacity
  • » maximum strength and reliability
  • » longer life
  • » upgrade from a F7 pocket filter to F9 minipleat

About Minipleat

Upgrade your ventilation system with a minipleat filter and/or carbon filter

Ecolucht is your partner to get more out of your ventilation system. We match your air quality goals with a higher filter capacity and a better air flow. The minipleat filter is the essential success factor in terms of aerodynamics, filter media, durability and seals. In case of formaldehyde, vapors and other VOC we can also add a carbon filter to your system.

How to order the best minipleat filter

We supply minipleat filters to end customers and resellers. You can order directly by phone or email. In many cases, we first measure the air quality, analyse your current ventilation system (HVAC) for air pressure and discuss your situation. Based on the measurement results for CO2, particulate matter, formaldehyde and air pressure, we can make a proposal for a minipleat filter or regular air filter. Roadmap:

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Minipleat filter for many applications

You intend to improve the air quality at work; or perhaps even have ambitions with a Hepafilter to realise a cleanroom. We supply minipleat filter for multiple applications. From factory, care location, school to data center. Consult with the Ecolucht advisor how you can take advantage of these innovative minipleat filters.