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Minipleat filters

Ecolucht is your minipleat filter specialist for a healthy living environment. We increase the efficiency of your ventilation system with innovative German mini-pleat filters. Stronger air flow through better aerodynamics. A higher dust holding capacity due to a maximum filter surface. The minipleat filter is a breakthrough for a better indoor environment to protect against all kinds of particles, aerosols, bacteria and coarse dust.

A healthy living environment leads to less absenteeism and higher labour productivity. Prevent headaches and serious health risk by upgrading your ventilation system with a minipleat filter. The innovative minipleat technology with hot melt pleat fixation ensures optimal use of the filter surface. The filter media are developed from high-quality, wet-laid fiberglass materials. A molded airtight seam connects the water-resistant media to the aerodynamically optimized frame.

The product benefits of minipleat filters:
  • » aerodynamics combines high filter performance with good airflow
  • » natural glass fibers
  • » wide range of dimensions
  • » Made in Germany with ISO 16890
  • » 20x bigger dust holding capacity
  • » maximum strength
  • » upgrade from a F7 pocket filter to F9 minipleat
  • » excellent airtightness
  • » environmentally friendly recycling

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